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"I'm Never out of toilet paper or toothpaste, you've spoiled me!"

"I have Dreamed of a quality service like yours, I can honestly say you've Simplified My Life!"

"I use your Concierge Membership for my business. We signed up & sent gift cards to all of our clients on special occasions and they love us for it!"

"My wife received her first package of household items yesterday and was thrilled. She no longer has to worry about leaving our child at home to go shopping. Happy Wife Happy Life! Thank You!"

"I love not having to go remember things like toilet tissue and trash bags. And you make it so easy to change the orders! What a brilliant idea!"

"My husband loves your service. His pet peeve is making extra trips to the store because we're out of toilet paper or trash bags. He's ordering everything he can from!"

Can I send my daughter her supplies at college?

Absolutely! This is a very popular feature with Moms. You simply create a membership for your daughter and enter the credit card you want billed for her supplies and she is ready to login and select her products and how often she needs them! It’s just a little extra peace of mind for Mom. And, it works for sons too!

I have 40 clients I would like to ship Christmas gifts but I don’t want them all to receive the same thing. Can I send different gift items to different people?

Yes, for only $4 a month you can become a Concierge member and send as many different items to as many people you want for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Secretary’s Day or any special occasion you desire. And we do it year after year – Automatically! We insure you never miss a special occasion again!

What if I am getting my supplies and products too soon and I’m not using my supplies and products before the next shipment arrives? What do I do?

We thought about that! So, you simply login to your account and edit your pending order for next month. You can change the frequency to every 2 months until you use your supplies or change the quantity you receive. You control the quantity and shipping frequency. Our goal is your convenience and satisfaction!
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$4 per month premium Concierge Membership Automatically send gifts to friends and family on special days!  Business or Personal
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